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We at M&M Carpet Masters know how important your family and pets are to you;


This is why we use only the best environmentally-friendly products that are safe for your children, pets, and are allergy-free.

Your home or Commercial business is your investment and more importantly your environment.  Clean carpets are helpful from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a lifestyle point of view.


Cleanliness is next to healthiness, so why not start from bottom up.

We Guarantee It !!


Carpet Cleaning is our specialty and your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We have many happy customers who call on us to remove the dirt and grime that can build-up in your carpet, rugs, and upholstery without regular, deep-cleaning.


Here at M&M Carpet Masters we use a truck-mount hot water extraction method that ensures the life of your carpet and upholstery; and adheres to you manufacturer's warranties.


We know that every carpet job is different and with over 32 years of service we will be honest and dedicated to the job we do.  We will provide you with a quality job that will certainly be worth the price. 

Your carpet will be dry, look, feel, and smell clean and fresh within a few hours after we finish ~ you will see results immediantly.  Deodorizing is always free! 


All our customers have come back with great reviews regarding our work and performance so you know that disappointing you is out of the question. We are a reputed company that values customer satisfaction so we will make sure you are satisfied with the service we provide for you. 


 M&M Carpet Masters has the expertise to clean virtually every type of upholstery fabric and your mattresses.  


We will carefully inspect the 
fabric and construction of each piece before selecting the cleaning technique best suited to your material.


We use the same cleaning solution for both carpet & upholstery cleaning. Our cleaning solution is formulated to provide the safest, most effective cleaning available to extend the life of your investment.






The upholstery is cleaned using an extraction unit. The cleaning solution is applied to the furniture, and then after it has broken up the soil, both soil and cleaning solution are extracted from the furniture.  


* The drying time may vary depending upon the type of fabric used on the furniture. *


Is Your Tile Great Looking, But the Grout is Ugly?

Unclean tile and grout can health problems due to the continuous invasion of microorganisms on the surface, resulting in various allergies and diseases.

M&M Carpet Masters can return your tile to its former beauty making your floors and shower walls sparkle like new. M&M Carpet Masters will refresh the color of the grout and tile, making them look new again.


We will clean, deodorize, and sanitize your:

  • Kitchen Tile [Floors, Back-Splashes, Tiled Counters]

  • Bathroom Tile Surround [Tubs, Showers, Floors & Tiled Counters]

  • Tiled Floors & Surrounds

If the exterior of your house or commercial business is in the need of a professional pressure washing we have the equipment to blast away the dirt and build-up and give your property a clean appearance.


We use Eco-friendly products that do not harm your plants or grass.  We use high heat or no heat with low or high pressure [depending on the situation] to remove even the most difficult of stains.


With over 32 years of experience you will be happy with our results.